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Art Blog Hop

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It’s Monday, blog hop time.  If you would like to join in the fun, hop on over to Jana Robins for the details.  Even if you don’t have a piece to share this week, you can still link to this hop and work on a piece for next week. Honestly, you can do your entry in just a few minutes since this is just suppose to act as an online art journal. There is no need to spend hours creating your entry unless the topic inspires you to create more.

Last week’s topic was to create a contour drawing.  The goal of a contour is to never pick up your pencil, and it’s a great way to create a loose, interesting drawing.  In a contour, you don’t have to worry about mistakes, which frees you to just draw without consequence.  I chose a funny picture of my seven year old in a mustache, because faces are always a challenge with a contour drawing.  Does it look like him?  No, but I still like the result, and had a blast with the exercise.

*NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC:  Create a drawing from a worm’s eye view.  Imagine and draw how different things would look if you were the size of a worm.  Have fun creating and have a great week!

Click the link below to add your website to the blog hop list.  Have a great week everyone and enjoy being creative!

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